How to Choose Your First Watch Winder

A watch winder New York is helpful for optimizing the longevity and performance of your automatic mechanical watch. This accessory imitates the motion of your wrist, allowing your watch to self-lubricate so that it keeps alive and turning. It is also a great device if you seek for an aesthetic way to display your collection. If this is your first time buying a watch winder, here is the guide to pick the most suitable one for you.

Consider Your Long-Run Goals

Do you own one or some automatic mechanical watches? If you own only one auto watch, are you planning to build a growing collection in the future? If so, it will be better if you buy a watch winder that comes with multiple turntables that can accommodate special winding needs of some timepieces. Leaving one or two turntables empty for a while is better than not having a suitable winder for the automatic watches you may buy in the future.

Consider TPD or Turns Per Day

Depends on the automatic mechanical watches you own, specifically the kinds of watch and movement it features, you need to wind it a set number of turns per day or TPD. If you are not sure or do not know the TPD of your watch, you can figure it out from the user’s guide. Or you can also ask the jeweler where you bought the automatic watch, or search for the brand and model on the internet. When you are picking one, make sure the watch winder New York has TPD settings that you can set according to your watch’s TPD specifications.


As it is said before, a watch winder can be an elegant way to display your watch collection. So, you want to make sure it has a beautiful, aesthetic design. Choose the one that fits with the décor or interior design of the space where you will place it. The exteriors of the watch winder can be made from a variety of materials, including woods, metal, stainless steel, and leather. High-end watch winders are beautifully hand-crafted from the most gorgeous and rare materials.

Portable Watch Winders or Not

Will you leave the watch winder at home, or will you bring it with you when you travel? If you want to take it with you wherever you travel, it will be better if you buy a battery-powered watch winder. Such a watch winder New York can run on batteries and AC power.